Wall mounted

Wallmounted Touchscreen

Our wall-mounted interior touch screen is available in a range of sizes.

The high impact screen and crisp colourful images will enhance your interior display. 


Table touchscreen

Our table-mounted screen allows a shared experience, helping you engage more easily with clients.

A personal folder can be created, and favourite properties saved and emailed to the client.


Lectern Touchscreen

The Lectern is useful where there is limited space. 

Like the table-mounted screen, it allows a shared experience helping you engage more easily with clients.

Why choose an internal touch screen?

An internal touch screen allows you to display your entire property portfolio in-store for clients to browse at leisure.  With a range of options including wall-mounted, free-standing lectern or table-mounted, you are sure to find an internal display systems to suit your requirements.  

  • Display your entire property portfolio in-store for your clients to browse at leisure

  • Showcase properties to their best advantage including multiple images, floor plans, walk-throughs and location maps

  • Property details are automatically updated ensuring your portfolio is always current

  • The high impact screen and crisp colourful images will enhance your interior display

  • A personal folder can be created, and favourite properties saved and emailed to the client

  • When not in use, the screen can display a selection of properties and bespoke messaging

Intouch Touchscreen

Intouch Tablet App

Intouch tablet app

With an intouch tablet app you can take your entire property portfolio with you wherever you go. Use it on viewings, to present alternative properties. In the office, connect to your internal screens to create a useful presentation tool that allows you to show clients properties that meet their criteria, and create a short-list of ones that are of interest. The app can also be useful for demonstrating the marketing benefits of your through-glass touch screen to potential vendors and landlords.

Intouch internal touch screen features

Our internal touch-screen display units are the result of years of painstaking research and development and rigorous testing.  

Customer Service and Support

  • Excellent customer service and support provides complete peace of mind
  • Fully managed system with screens monitored 24/7
  • Any software issues are instantly fixed remotely
  • Any hardware issues are dealt with by our experienced engineers within 24 hours

Screen Usage Reporting

  • In-depth analytics and reporting allow you to track screen usage and page visits
  • Knowing what content people respond well to can help you improve engagement  

Content Management and Production

  • The design of content to be displayed on your screen is fully customised in-line with your brand
  • Easy to use display allows clients to search and view full property details and send an enquiry

Personalised Display Software

  • Unique and bespoke software which is designed for this specific task – fit for purpose
  • Our software is designed to provide additional data and software integrity and security

Efficient Installation 

  • Nationwide installation service
  • Work is carried out by highly trained and experienced in-house engineers
  • Tried and tested, efficient installation process - no interruption to business

Complete Integration 

  • Our tailored software integrates seamlessly with key estate agency property management systems
  • Property details are automatically uploaded from your system - no double-entry and no additional administration
  • Multiple branch estate agents can display their entire group's property portfolio at individual branches

Superior Technology

  • Custom-built using top quality components
  • Ultra-bright, high-resolution screen (displayed at 3,500 NITS) readable even in direct sunlight
  • Inbuilt cooling system ensures that the screen does not overheat, even in the hottest temperatures


You can lease purchase an intouch touch screen over 3 years for as little as £100 per month, or purchase a screen outright for a one-off fee plus an ongoing monthly support fee of £147.30 pcm.  

Net Price Ongoing monthly license fee
(min 36 months)
Ongoing monthly warranty,
content management & maintenance fee
(min 36 months)
Total monthly cost
(min 36 months)
42" TOUCH TABLE OR LECTERN   £2,950 £78.55* £68.75 £147.30
42" WALL MOUNTED TOUCH SCREEN £2,750 £78.55* £68.75 £147.30
32" TOUCH TABLE OR LECTERN £2,750 £78.55* £68.75 £147.30
32" WALL MOUNTED TOUCH SCREEN £2,500 £78.55* £68.75 £147.30

* The licence fee is per office not per screen. If you have more than one screen, including a through-glass touch screen, you will only be charged one licence fee.  

Your support package

Our comprehensive after sales service is second to none. All intouch systems are fully warrantied and maintained. Our expert in-house technicians monitor our systems 24/7 to ensure the screens are achieving optimum performance, and can provide technical support to assist with any queries that may arise. Intouch also has an in-house graphics department available to provide advertorial artwork for the touch screens if required.

  • 24/7 monitored systems
  • Efficient service level agreement
  • In-house graphics department able to produce artwork
  • All hardware and software guaranteed for the duration of your contract
  • Software updates are implemented as and when these become available  

property screens

Our property screens have been designed to display properties to their best advantage. You can scroll through multiple images, view detailed floor plans and maps showing the precise location. You can click on the screen grabs below to enlarge. 

Property listings
View all properties and refine your search criteria.

View multiple images
Scroll through multiple images of the property. Click on the image to enlarge.

Location details
The map shows the precise location of the property and what is in the local area.

View floor plans
Detailed floor plans can be viewed showing the the interior layout of the property, rooms sizes etc.

Individual property details
View individual property details including image, price, property description and links to further details.

case studies

Estate agents are increasingly recognising the value of having an intouch through-glass touch screen installed as part of their window display.  Read what our clients have to say about their experience of having a touch screen and working with intouch. 

Bloxham and Barlow

We were looking to have a new window display installed when we came across intouch. We all felt having a through-glass touch screen would be beneficial for our business...

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Crofts Estate Agent

intouch display have been a top class company to deal with! They have taken the technology complexities away and provided a sensational interactive property....

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Goodman Lilley

The intouch through-glass touch screen is different from what other agents in the area are doing and helps us stand out from the crowd. We also have an internal touch screen which we use to present and discuss property details with our clients.

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Intouch product range


Intouch Touchscreen

Through Glass Touch Screen

Be stand out with an intouch through-glass touch screen. Draw attention to your properties with our high impact, ultra-bright through-glass touch screen...  


Intouch Extrernal Touchscreen

External Touch Screen

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